Unforgettable Archery Tag Wroclaw

Unforgettable Archery Tag Wroclaw

⭐1 full hour of game time to test your skills and tactics
⭐Archery Tag bows, perfect for beginners and pros alike
⭐Fast and standard Archery Tag arrows to keep the game intense
⭐6 inflatable obstacles to add an extra challenge (indoors or outdoors)
⭐Finger and forearm protectors, so you can play safely and confidently
⭐Protective masks to shield your face from stray arrows
⭐Expert equipment set up to ensure a smooth and enjoyable game
⭐Professional instruction on playing and shooting techniques to help you dominate the game
⭐A skilled judge and event animator to keep the game exciting and fair for everyone.

From: 79,00 

Get ready to unleash your inner archer and dominate your opponents in Archery Tag, the thrilling action game that’s taking the world by storm! With locations around the globe, including the exciting new addition in Poland, you won’t want to miss out on the fun.

Step onto the battlefield with your trusty bow and arrow, ready to hunt down your mates and become the ultimate medieval warrior. But don’t worry, the arrows are completely safe and our expert instructors will have you wielding the bow like a pro in no time.

With a recommended group size of 12, any number can play and join in on the excitement. The field is divided into two sides with a “safe zone” in between, where you can catch your breath and plan your next attack.

Your mission: eliminate all opponents by hitting them with your arrow or knocking out their shield’s discs. With 12 Archery Tag bows and 48 fast and standard arrows, you’ll have plenty of chances to show off your skills.

Take cover behind the six inflatable obstacles and protect your fingers and forearms with the provided gear, including protective masks for epic, but harmless headshots.

Our expert staff will set up the equipment, teach you the ropes, and provide tips and shooting techniques to make sure you dominate the game. With a referee and event animator to guide you through the action, the fun never stops.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your bow and arrows and get ready for the ultimate Archery Tag experience!