Breathtaking Escape Room Wroclaw

Breathtaking Escape Room Wroclaw

⭐Expertly crafted English instructions at the beginning, ensuring that you and your group are fully prepared and ready to dive into the adventure
⭐Personal lockers for your belongings, providing peace of mind and security while you’re in the midst of the action
⭐Access to the seating area, where you can take a break, regroup, and strategize with your team before diving back into the adventure
⭐The chance to solve a mystery in one of our many available adventures, each with its own unique storyline, puzzles, and challenges. Our medium-level adventure is perfect for groups who are looking for a fun and engaging challenge without being too overwhelming.
⭐A fully immersive experience, with carefully designed sets, props, and sound effects that transport you to another world and make you feel like you’re really part of the adventure

From: 39,00 

Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience? This is not your ordinary game. You have only one hour to escape the room and complete your mission. The stakes are high – succeed and you’ll feel like a true hero. Fail, and you’ll be trapped forever!

In this thrilling and engaging game, your team will need to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape in time. With only 60 minutes on the clock, you’ll need to use your critical thinking skills and work together to succeed.

As you navigate through the challenges, you’ll quickly learn that each member of your team has unique skills and abilities. It’s up to you to divide tasks and work independently, all while staying focused on the bigger picture – escaping the room.

Are you up for the challenge? Gather your team and enter the room. The clock is ticking!